Campus Deadline
PhD scholarship at the Historical Economics and Research Group (HEDG), Department of Business and Economics

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Odense 15/10/2019
PhD Scholarship for project: Enter Donor Groups: Analyzing the Impact of a New Class of Political Groups

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Odense 15/10/2019
PhD scholarship in ontology design for the digital energy ecosystem

Faculty of Engineering

Odense 02/10/2019
PhD scholarship in digital twin of the smart energy ecosystem

Faculty of Engineering

Odense 02/10/2019
PhD-scholarship in Philosophy of Health and Wellbeing

Faculty of Humanities

Odense 20/10/2019
PhD Position in Bioinorganic Chemistry

Faculty of Science

Odense 10/10/2019
Computational PhD Position to Investigate Transcriptional Regulation in Embryonic Stem Cells Using Single-cell Genomics

Faculty of Science

Odense 20/09/2019
PhD position in “Test of therapeutic potential of anti-MFAP4 in reduction of vascular and inflammatory complications in diabetic kidney disease and renal fibrosis” Faculty of Health Sciences Odense 04/10/2019
PhD Fellowship at the Department of Design and Communication Faculty of Humanities Kolding 20/10/2019