APD courses

Academic and Professional Development

Academic and Professional development (APD) is a program, open to PhD students at CBS, which offers a range of seminars to support students in their research and teaching activities. It supplements and thus does not replace regular PhD courses. Through a series of optional seminars and workshops, we address a broad spectrum of issues, including:

  • What is good research practice? What is academic research? How do you plan and undertake a research project?
  • How do you communicate your results? How do you write for academic audiences, and how do you get published? How do you communicate your research to non-academic audiences? And how do you deal with the media?
  • What is good teaching practice? Many PhD students will teach for the first time during their PhD studies. How do you prepare for your first classes? How do you engage your students in dialogue? How do you deal with student supervision and examinations?
  • Where do you go after the PhD? What possibilities does academia have to offer, and how do you maximize your value for a potential academic employer? What opportunities exist beyond the realm of academia, and how do you go about investigating and pursuing them?
Who can attend?

All seminars and workshops are open – and free of charge – to all PhD students at CBS. All seminars are held in English. Moreover, the seminars are independent of each other, which means that you can freely choose between the events in order to build upon your individual skills and competences.

Why should you attend?

The aim of this program is to help you develop and strengthen your academic and general professional skills. Seminars are specially designed to support you in:

  • planning and managing your research project,
  • the timely and successful completion of your thesis,
  • communicating and disseminating your research results,
  • your teaching, and your student supervision and examinations,
  • making decisions about your post-doctoral career, and
  • meeting and networking with other PhD students at CBS.

Please note that no ECTS credits are awarded for participation.

Upcoming seminars

Please find the list of upcoming seminars below.

As spaces are limited, early registration is recommended.
Please note that a minimum of 10 participants are typically required for a seminar to be held. In case of cancellation, registered participants will be notified by email. Please remember to inform us, preferably before the registration deadline, if you are unable to participate.

Stay informed

The program will be continuously refined based on student demand and feedback. Please visit this website regularly to stay informed about changes to the program, including the announcement of new or repeat seminars.

Future seminars

This is a list of some of the seminars we plan to add to the program. Comments and other suggestions are most welcome.

  • Writing successful grant applications
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Career panel: "Life after PhD"
  • Get to know your fellow PhDs: a social event

Course End date Department
Introduction to Teaching and Teaching at CBS for PhD students (Learning to Teach)
CANCELED - Get on top of your PhD process (9 January - 27 February 2023, 7 sessions) 09/01/2023 27/02/2023
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