Secondary Grade Level Leader

The Grade Level Leader will provide professional leadership and oversight of student welfare issues for a grade level. In so doing, he/she helps ensure a safe and secure learning environment which allows students to achieve their individual potential, pursue their passions, and fulfill their responsibilities. The position requires dedicated time allowance within a teaching schedule and this time release will be confirmed on appointment.

The Grade Level Leader is a member of the Pastoral Leadership team which consists of the Secondary Principal, Deputy Principal, the Dean of Students, the IB Coordinators, the Head of Learning Support / EAL / the Tier 4 Programme, and the Secondary Counsellors. The team is responsible for all aspects of student welfare; the Personal Development Programme (PDP); student discipline; Tutor team leadership; Grade Level Activity Days and Field Trips. 

The person fulfilling this position will demonstrate a passion for Secondary-aged children’s learning, wellbeing and character development. The Grade Level Leader will advocate for school-wide support for students’ ongoing developmental needs within the grade level for which they are responsible. 

This is a leadership responsibility that is designed to complement other teaching responsibilities. External applicants should be applying for one of our other advertised teacher positions, and should not submit an application for this position alone.


Leading Safeguarding

  • Understand and adhere to the student safeguarding policy, code of conduct and methods of reporting a concern.
  • Communicate to parents, students and staff issues related to child safeguarding in order to promote a safe environment for all students.
  • Coordinate and communicate the evacuation procedures to students in the grade level.
  • Communicate and document health and safety concerns in a timely manner.
  • Attend, and where appropriate, co-deliver relevant Professional Development opportunities linked to child safeguarding.

Leading and Developing an Appropriate Learning Programme

  • Lead, implement and continually evaluate the Personal Development Programme (PDP) so that it best serves the ongoing social, emotional, health and other developmental needs of the Grade Level.
  • Plan and lead the Activity Days and Field Trip (where appropriate), including their risk assessment and budgetary requirements.
  • Promote a shared understanding, embed practice and explicitly promote the skills and habits that support character development and wellbeing.

Monitoring and Supporting Students

  • Monitor and support the progress, welfare, behaviour and wellbeing of the students in a particular Grade Level.
  • Support positive learning environments in ICS by enacting our behaviour policies and procedures
  • Monitor students’ progress and potential using academic grades and other key data to identify further support, through mentoring, those individuals who are not reaching their full academic potential.
  • Monitor the attendance and punctuality of students in the Grade Level, and identify appropriate responses to significant issues with attendance and punctuality.

Leading a Team of Tutors

  • Lead a team of Tutors and Support Tutors (together known as the Grade Level tutor team) in order to develop and deliver the PDP.
  • Link the Grade Level tutor team’s priorities to the school’s Strategic Plan.
  • Provide guidance and practical support to Tutors in establishing effective relationships with students.
  • Ensure Tutor reports are of a high standard, and are completed according to published deadlines.
  • Ensure all policies, but especially those related to safeguarding, welfare and behaviour, are understood and adhered to by all members of the Grade Level tutor team.

Leading Effective Communications

  • Assist with the maintenance of comprehensive records of students' pastoral achievements and needs, and of behaviour / discipline matters.
  • Communicate with parents regarding pastoral and grade level issues, including the PDP curriculum.
  • Advocate for students’ ongoing wellbeing and personal development within other forums (such as Secondary staff meetings).
  • Provide guidance to Tutors and Subject Teachers to help them to establish effective and timely contact with parents and in dealing with significant student behavioural concerns.
  • Attend and contribute to Pastoral Leadership Team meetings.

Leading Transitions

  • Ensure regular cross-phase articulation of pastoral-related matters.
  • Working with the MYP and/or DP coordinator, co-lead key transitions relevant to the Grade Level(s) for which the coordinator is responsible (e.g. Grade 5-6 transition for Grade 6 Grade Level Leader, Grade 10-11 transition for Grade 10 Grade Level Leader).
  • Ensure new students adjust to ICS quickly and positively by working with the Tutors and supporting the Student Ambassador programme.
  • Help leaving students to experience a positive transition out of our school.
  • When required, advise the Secondary Counsellors concerning the placement of each new student in an appropriate Tutor group.

  • An excellent understanding of, and empathy for, the age group and their developmental needs.
  • A thorough understanding of the IB Middle Years Programme.
  • A comprehensive understanding of effective teaching and assessment strategies.
  • Practical knowledge of contemporary leadership practice.
  • Experience of leading others e.g. committee chair, leadership role, running professional development.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Competence in using technology for learning, communication and information management purposes.
  • Strong capacity for creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Excellent organisational and presentation skills.
  • Strong commitment to collaboration, teamwork and active participation in school life.

Terms and conditions

Next steps

Interested candidates should email a full letter of application, a statement of personal educational philosophy, detailed resume/curriculum vitae, and three referees. The Head of School reserves the right to apply directly to the writers of open testimonials for confidential statements.

Applications should be addressed to:

Ms Mary-Lyn Campbell,
Head of School

We are looking forward to receive your online application.