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Chief Engineer

Job Description

The Chief Engineer is responsible that all maintenance at the base and line is completed within the appropriate time scales and with the highest standards of workmanship. He/she manages the team of engineers on site and is responsible for all administration related to the engineering staff and work.
The Chief Engineer reports hierarchally to the Base Manager and functionally to the Maintenance Manager.



• Ensuring that the standard and presentation of operational aircraft is of the highest possible standard
• Ensure that all maintenance is completed within the appropriate time scales to ensure provision of serviceable aircraft to meet the operational need: monitor all technical delay reports for accuracy and implement the required corrective action to reduce delays
• The maintenance and quality control of Aircraft Airborne Equipment located at the base for which NHV is responsible, ensuring the highest standards of workmanship are maintained
• Cleanliness and tidiness of work areas under his/her responsibility
• Ensure that storage of tools & toolboxes is complete and serviceable and apply the tool control procedure
• Responsibility for the unexpected, unscheduled maintenance/repairs


• Liaise with the Continued Airworthiness Department (CAMO) and type engineers when required
• Assist the Maintenance Planning Department in the compilation of work scopes for respective base aircraft and in carrying out daily review of Tech. Log MEL and MDDS entries to minimize deferment period
• Ensure, on daily basis, in cooperation with NHV support departments (Supply Chain, Store, Engineering, Planning…) that the necessary maintenance materials & spare parts are present in the necessary quantity/condition at the planned moment
• Ensure communication and cooperation with the QHSE department


• Ensuring that all audit non-conformances receive appropriate corrective action within agreed time constraints, in cooperation with the Maintenance Manager and QHSE
• Ensure stores is compliant to the procedures for the inspection and acceptance of aircraft parts, components and materials, their storage, life monitoring and the quarantine of unserviceable items
• Perform control checks to ensure that all work performed on aircraft materials is done correctly and is documented in an unambiguous manner
• Monitor all aircraft maintenance documentation for compliance with company procedures
• Be responsible for updating local procedures


• Ensure, together with all Engineers, a variable & flexible work planning & work roster based on business needs that supports & realizes business continuity
• The compilation of effective day-to-day duty rosters within current staff agreements, taking into account qualifications and training requirements, in cooperation with the Maintenance Planner
• Make sure the team is briefed on daily basis (toolbox meetings) on planning, work progress and expectations, safety issues and airworthiness memos and the prompt incorporation of amendments to aircraft publications under his/her control. Ensure that the workshop personnel is instructed and guided in order to maintain the best professional knowledge of the work to be performed
• Direct responsibility for the administration and discipline of all engineering staff at the base
• Manage qualifications/experience levels of each staff member and make recommendations for training, which would improve efficiency or depth and strength of skills
• Responsibility for the correct planning of the inspection. Make sure that the ongoing inspections continue with the allocated people as much as possible
• Keep close supervision on the customer contracts to make sure that the timings for troubleshooting/replacements are respected
• Monthly reviews of overtime work and compilation of a report to the Maintenance Manager
• Promotion of human factors and safety awareness. Make sure that staff wears/uses the proper personal protective equipment
• Responsible for yearly appraisals of the team members in cooperation with the Base Manager
• Guide the team and assist in their work when necessary
• Constant evaluate the staff in order to develop and improve the achievements of the individual and of the team: day-to-day observation by the Chief Engineer.


• As a Chief Engineer in a Global Projects operation, be responsible for stores and its control as per the EASA regulations.

Your Profile
EXPERIENCE (work, studies …)

• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in aviation
• Knows & operates by the procedures & processes (operational, quality, safety, ...) installed by the company and/or in accordance with EASA, NAA, Manufacturers requirements, and Statutory and Company Health, Safety and Environment Policies
• Comply with the EASA Part-M and Part-145 requirements

SKILLS (IT knowledge, languages, communication …)

• EASA Part 66 B1.3 license (B2, A, C is an advantage)
• ICT literate (specific aviation software & MS Office)
• Type rated for the aircraft at base
• Languages:
o English: professional level (mandatory)
o Knowledge of Dutch, French or Danish (depending on type/country of operations) is a plus
• Good communication skills to function as a people manager and motivate/encourage the team of engineers

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