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On demand – How to activate your students with Slido (polling, quizzes and q&a)

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Target Group
Teachers who like to active students during their teaching.

Course Content

At CBS we have a license to a online polling and Q&A software called Slido.

Get an introduction to how you can incorporate polling and Q&A questions in your presentation.

On the workshop we will go through:

  • An introduction to Slido
  • How to install and setup the software
  • Which type of questions you can use
  • How to use quizzes (like in Kahoot)
  • How to use Q&A
  • Build questions in to your PowerPoint presentation
  • Build a question list and use it if you are not using PowerPoint
  • How to use it in your teaching
  • How to download a report with the answers

Notice that participation in this workshop requires that you bring your own laptop.

IMPORTANT! If you want to register to the workshop please send an email to

Course Literature

Course manager
Mads Szylit Larsen 
Teaching & Learning

After participating in the workshop you will
- Be familiar with Slido
- Be ready to use in polling, quizzes and q&a

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Only for employees at CBS
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