Introduction to RDM for PhD students (3 September 2021)

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Lars Nondal and Mareike Buss

Course coordinator
Lars Nondal and Mareike Buss

Course content


All students must have taken the online course “Introduction to Research Data Management (modules 1-3)” (1 hour; in Canvas).

Furthermore, it is expected that all students have read the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity before attending the course.


To introduce CBS PhD students to the basic concepts, principles and practices of research data management (RDM).


This course gives an overview of relevant RDM topics and best practice in the field. It is set up as a blended learning course with 1 hour of online self-study and 2 hours of classroom learning. The students will be generally introduced to key RDM concepts and ideas by taking the online course “Introduction to Research Data Management (modules 1-3)” (1 hour). The classroom learning session will be tailored to the needs of the PhD-students that have registered for the course. It will comprise a Q&A follow up session to the self-study, discussion of concrete examples and RDM issues, and hands-on exercises selected for the group of students.

Overview of course contents: 
o CBS RDM policy
o Good RDM practice throughout the research data lifecycle (including how to write a data management plan and related tools)
o The FAIR principles
o RDM services and infrastructure at CBS (among others: storage, HPC tools and resources, data publishing, data preservation)

Teaching Style

Blended-learning course with online self-study and classroom learning with lecture elements, class discussion and small group exercises.

Learning Objectives

This course gives PhD candidates an understanding of good RDM practice and how it is part of the methodological toolkit of every researcher.

Course Literature

The Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Minimum number of participants

Maximum number of participants


Course time:

3 September 2021
10:00 – 12:00

Course venue:

Copenhagen Business School
Kilevej 14A, room: TBA
2000 Frederiksberg

Contact information

Mareike Buss, RDM Support: mabu.lib@cbs.dk

Lars Nondal, RDM Support: ln.lib@cbs.dk

Blazenka B. Kvistbo, PhD Support, bbk.research@cbs.dk

Registration deadline

APD course "Introduction to RDM for PhD students" is mandatory for all CBS PhD students enrolled  in CBS PhD school after 1 June 2020.

All other PhD students are also welcome to register and participate in the course.