(US) Service Agreement Material / Asset Coordinator

(US) Service Agreement Material / Asset Coordinator

Are you up for a new challenge? We are looking for Service Agreement Material/Asset Coordinator. In this position you are responsible for the development and optimization of Service products (maintenance programs, activities, safety stock lists etc) related to the Meyn Product portfolio. These products are derived from industry knowledge/experience/best practices, data analysis and strategic maintenance tactics. Besides the above mentioned tasks, the coordinator is responsible for service contract orders daily, from quotation to execution with responsibilities outlined below.

Key reponsibilities
  • Installed base management of all new deliveries and all previous delivered equipment related to installation groups/sub-installations/serialized items.
  • Create and maintain maintenance scenarios for tactical and non-tactical maintenance for MEYN portfolio.
  • Manage modifications and upgrades to the installed base.
  • Create and maintain reports from Enterprise Asset Management for end users.
  • Integrate/develop asset care plans for new equipment
  • Generate Planned Activities for all current 500+ service orders (using Ref Activity/Maintenance Scenarios)
  • Plans/monitors materials for service work orders/runs ATP on materials for all existing contracts.
  • Assigns and releases materials for service work orders
  • Creates and maintains reference activities/maintenance scenarios/spec sheets

Specific skill set:
  • Project- and contract management knowledge
  • Commercial orientation
  • Strong communicative skills
  • Fluent language of customers in region / Good English language
  • Knowledge of Meyn systems like Baan, LN, eProcurement, Onkey, SalesForce and asset management
  • Specific skill set
College degree; preferred

List years of experience
> 5 years in technical processing environment 

Willingness to travel
Low (<10%) 

Ball Ground (US)
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