Management Consultant BDO Ideas@Work

Management Consultant BDO Ideas@Work

Who are we ?
When BDO Ideas at Work-clients call us, they’re not looking for an average consultant. They’re not looking for someone in a fancy suit to come in, tell them what to do and leave before the results are in. Our clients are looking for “external colleagues” who tackle a problem head-on and work with them towards a solution that actually works and doesn’t involve any wizardry or crazy expenses. And our clients appreciate us so much we can’t keep up with demand! Which is why we’re looking for new colleagues who are ready to embrace the BDO Ideas at Work way, wanting to increase the size of their knowledge basket.


A day in the life of an BDO IAW consultant
You arrive at work at your client’s office, where you’ll spend most of your time. Greeting your
temporary colleagues with a smile and a warm hello, you look at your agenda and see that the
analysis you’ve been working on is due today. Putting the finishing touches on it, you take the time to help one of your colleagues with that excel problem. A meeting and a lunch break later, you get an email from the BDO Ideas at Work office manager reminding you of the upcoming BDO IAW team event. During your afternoon workshop facilitation where you dazzle the client with your insightful remarks, you make a mental note that you must call one of the partners about the improvement opportunity you just discovered for your client. After driving home at a reasonable hour in your company car, you still have the time to go do some sports, have dinner with the family, and go out for drinks with friends where you discuss your interesting day at work.

Votre profil

This job could be the one you’re looking for if you would describe yourself as follows:

  • You’re not good at sitting still
  • You’re allergic to inefficiencies
  • You’re looking for fast-paced missions in a diverse range of industries (Social Services, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare,…)  across Flanders , Brussels and once in a while Wallonia.
  • You don’t need Google when someone asks you to optimize a process
  • You can explain an improvement approach to your client without using a single buzzword
  • Your personal motto is “learning by doing”
  • You want to be more than a number in a faceless organization
  • You have a spidey-sense when it comes to identifying your clients’ (future) challenges
  • Your master degree dates from between 2008 and 2016
  • Vous spreekt les twee landslangues (and obviously English because you can read this)


Are you the next …
Customer Experience Consultant
Organizational Development & Change Consultant
Process & Business Analyst
Business Project Manager
Operational Excellence & Lean Consultant

Fancy certificates and practical experience in: PMI, Prince 2, Lean, Six Sigma, ADKAR/Prosci, ITIL, ... will be considered a Golden Star for your application.

Notre offre

How you land this gig
Are we everything you’re looking for and vice versa? Apply online convincing our
Recruitment team that you’ve got the right stuff ! If they agree, you’ll be asked over for an
interview, some brainy tests, and a meet and greet with one of our partners. Impress them and
you’re in !
See you soon, future colleague.